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    Hosting company with shell access, PHP, and postgresql


    I am looking for a good webhosting company (Linux) that is fairly inexpensive (less than $12/month if possible) that provides shell access, PHP, and Postgresql. I have about 5 domains of low bandwidth and traffic.

    I'm talking with and got separate answers from their support and sales staff. Support says no shell access, sales says yes. Sales says no postgresql says there is.

    Anyone else I should be considering here???



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    138 in NYC is where many unix geeks go. the panix shell servers have most every known package installed and supported by the knowledgeable staff. they're a stub network of level 3. I don't know how it works for 5 separate domain names/websites, but a shell account costs $100 annually, and includes some hosting space/bandwidth.

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    If I may suggest you, check

    It completely fulfils your requirements (SSH is also available for $2 USD/monthly) and as far as I know, their servers are in The Planet datacentre. According to []HyperSpin[/url] (if HyperSpin is reliable and trustworthy), they have also great uptime.

    But also do a little SEARCH before you decide anything.

    Hope that you have found this useful. Good luck!

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    Check out They offer shell access and very good prices. They have been around a long time (for a hosting company) and provide a fairly stable network. I haven't used them in a couple years, but still have friends that use them.

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    I'm sure you'll find a host with all the features you need here on WHT. Some hosts don't have SSH listed on their websites, but they usually enable it on request.
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    The only host I can think of that has these features is Micfo.
    My own experience with them is OK. (Haven't used PostgreSQL though.)
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    You should check TRU Networks. Their shared hosting packages meet all your requirements (including SSH for $2/month) and as far as I know, their servers are located in The Planet datacenter. Also, if HyperSpin is trustworthy, then TRU Networks is very reliable.

    But before you decide anything, do a little SEARCH, while you are waiting for more replies to your thread.

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