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    * ok, so its been a while now...

    ok, so its been a while now...

    But the time has come to ask the users of this forum, to pass comment on our site design.

    We have been updating things, and feel this is our best design todate, but hay what do I know, I only wrote the thing

    This is why we are invite you to give us some feedback, on what we have.

    Our main site is

    We also have a sister site -, but I not sure about this one - and it is currently a "work in progress" - but I would welcome any feedback on the work so far.

    Many thanks & Kind regards
    John Stevenson

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    try to liven up the page a bit with some onmouseover effects on your left and top menu. almost anything simple would do.

    i dont quite understand the girl reading the list

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    The girl is to symbolise a customer getting big bills from other providers.
    John Stevenson

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