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    Tektonic Issues?

    Has anyone else hosted at Tektonic had problems since Friday? My server was unreachable Friday morning, 6/15, and hasn't been reachable since. It's just completely offline - not pingable at all. I had a mail server running there as well as a few web sites, so this is completely frustrating.

    I've submitted 5 tickets to Tektonic since then with absolutely NO response. Calls to the sales line just goes to voicemail every time.

    I'm starting to get scared... Anyone else?


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    Uhn, I replied in the other Tektonic thread, but I'll reiterate:

    I'm having no problems with my VPS, in fact it seems to be running a wee bit snappier.

    I seem to be one of the few people who aren't experiencing any issues with them, at all. I have had a few, rather minor, issues with them in the past. However, these issues were solved in a timely manner. They did bumble a little bit, but they rectified it by me, and therefor have had my business for over a year.

    Have you checked their forum to see if your server is undergoing maitanence?

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