I want to share my recent bad experience with EV1Servers.net and let you be the judge if you are in the market for a SSL cert.
I was basically mislead by them. May be they did not intened to. Nor do I wish to malign anyones reputation.
However, I hold EV1Servers and GeoTrust responsible for misleading me into buying a 2nd SSL certificate promising they will refund my older order only to tell me later that sorry the older order is older than 7 days and thus we can't refund your order. Had they told me about this policy before hand, I would not have bot the 2nd cert, rather I would have edited my code to rectify an error with my old cert.

You can PM me if you want my full exchange of the email thread which will show you that once they have sold u a cert and got their money, they don't care. I hold GeoTrust equally responsible as much as I hold EV1 Servers responsible.

Thus my advise would be to stay away from GeoTrust and EV1 servers.
and that is solely based on my most recent experience with them.