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Thread: B/w Monitoring

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    B/w Monitoring

    I am currently trying to install a utility which can dump statistics for multiple network interfaces on the system. This is essentially to monitor the B/w Usage of my VPS. On my FreeBSD VPS, two such interfaces are getting listed: rl0 & lo0. Which one should I use for monitoring purposes or should I add the RX and TX of both the interfaces? Please help.


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    I think you need to monitor rl0. lo0 is the loopback interface.

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    Thanks.. One more thing.. It shows the total RX and TX data ever since my VPS was created. Is this data ever resets automatically? Or if I reboot my VPS, will it become zero?

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    Yes, this data will reset itself. You should look into a better solution. I've always used VNStat, see Its pretty simple to setup and produces nicely formated bandwidth charts.

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    there are a lot of ways of gettingthe data you want on FreeBSD - It is just a matter of recording it.

    a simple netstat -ib will show you everything that you need.

    You could simply parse this info and log it to a file to keep an eye on what is going on.

    Probably easier, is to install net-snmp and mrtg and monitor the interface that way.

    You could (should) have a firewall running, and you could even set up some simple firewall rules to log all traffic - and of course parse this - maybe even grab something like bandmin (I think there is a version somewhere that rus on FreeBSD)

    It all depends on how much effort you want to put into it.
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