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    ******.com techniques: spam+illegal domain registration


    I made the horrible mistake to signup with ******.com last summer (I paid 1 year in advance) & registered one domain with them. I never used their crappy hosting package (I went to their website & canceled the hosting package), they kept spamming me with their rubbish offer despite requesting to be unsubscribed from their mailing list many times.

    I transferred my domain several months ago (now with godaddy), but I wake up today to find that ****** charged me for this domain, although it didn't expire AND it's currently being .

    A part doing a chargeback, how can I to denounce them (I'm not in the US)?

    ANY help would be greatly appreciated,


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    Have you tried contacting ******.com or just done a chargeback? Seems like a logical first step would be to contact their customer support and tell them what happened and then let us know what the good/bad support experience is.
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    I did, several times actually. No replies so far...

    I don't expect them to reply (it seems they're only good when it comes to stealing people).

    I mean, they never bothered to reply when I complaint about their sales dep spamming me all the time, why would they behave correctly this time???

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    This might help you :******.php

    Read the section : Our advice -
    they have direct contact with Ben.

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    Originally posted by Rorax
    This might help you :******.php

    Read the section : Our advice -
    they have direct contact with Ben.

    [mod edit: removed affiliate link and linked to site directly]

    Opps ! mistakely posted the link directing to ****** and got 10 points!!! thanks for the re-edit since i really hate ****** myself

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    Thanks for the tip, Rorax!

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    Urgh, I hate ******. They called me the other day even though I didn't sign up for them telling me i can get a great webhosting plan for a cheap price and- *I hang up*

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    If you fail to get any response from ******, ask your credit card company to block any payments from them

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    i have been hosting with ****** for over a year now

    there 'MySql server thingy' is damn SLOW,
    they always find something to blame me 'Sir its your template, 'Sir theres a script error'
    if there was a script error or template error on my website my webmail, phpMyAdmin, online file uploader would still be working at the right speed.
    They never reply to your emails, or tickets unless its somthing where i have to give 'more' money.
    there promo pack which i paid for which submits my website on to search engines hardly works.

    on the invoice it shows that im paying for 2500mb but im only getting 2000mb.

    ive been thinking of getting a dedicated server, and leave ****** after i get enough money.

    ****** is pure bull****, i would not recomend this host to anyone.

    i hope ****** is reading this.

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    They have a horrible system setup for cancellation. It never works. They also do not have a system to check if a domain has been transferred away from their server.

    Very poorly done and it's really upsetting, because this is something that can easily be fixed.

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    This post is going to be grossly off-topic and relevant at the same time. Yes, it's real

    We had a company install interlock on the house's driveway and front entrance stairs. So far so good. Then somehow four of the stair's tiles broke, so we called them. The number they gave us led to the call messaging center, while the other number (supposedly to the office) led to the foreman on the job.

    It has been two months straight. Called them, they said "yeah yeah, we'll fix it in the next week or two", and they never came, repeat. We're very angry at this level of after-sales customer service. YET, if we refer a new customer to them, they jump onto the new job immediately.

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