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    Question Need Windows 2003 Dedicated Server

    I need a dedicated server with 1000gb or more bandwidth.
    AMD XP/Intel P4 with HT will do,
    Windows 2003 Standard edition OS (streaming media server role is very important),
    512mb ram, 80gb IDE hdd,

    Provider must have no problems with pornographic content on the server (I wont be posting child porn)

    My preffered pricing range is between 80-150$ /Month

    Who do you recommend? Uptime & Support are essential, obviously

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    There are AT LEAST 100 threads here @ WHT asking
    the SAME question.

    Please use the SEARCH button, and do some WORK
    first by RESEARCHING and REVIEWING the recommendations
    and comments about hosts mentioned in the other threads.

    THEN, come back here and ask SPECIFIC questions about
    a host(s) that YOU have found to meet your requirements.

    For example:

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