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    Dedicated server, possible sendmail issue


    We've got a dedicated server we use to host our company websites. We had an issue with it this morning and we were forced to reboot the server. Since the reboot, we're unable to access horde(webmail), when we try to login, it keeps taking us back to the login screen, without giving us as error messages.

    We have a php script which sends automatic emails out, this isnt working either. The server seems to be running sendmail.

    Anyone have any ideas what might be causing this issue?


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    is sendmail running?
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    Sorry, the server is running qmail.

    I've solved this problem now anyway

    It turned out that /var/qmail/queue was using 3Gb's of space on a 4Gb partition.

    I shutdown qmail, cleared out the queues and started qmail again, all seems to be ok now.

    I started getting suspicious when # updatedb reported there was not enough space on the disk.

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