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    Exclamation reseller, vps, or dedicated?

    i want to setup 100 accounts/domains on one ip, and each additional set of 100 on another different ip. most basic reseller accounts have 4 ip's, so i want 100 on each ip. these are small accounts/small biz, that dont use too much resources, etc. how can this be done? can you do it in whm/cpanel reseller?

    i know you can change the main shared ip on vps - but can you change it more than twice? i have a vps, and changed it once, after trying the 3rd time - dont work. this a limitation of vps, or of hosting and how they use ip's?

    i am wanting to stick with reseller/vps, as less headache on my end.



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    4 IP reseller?

    Im not sure what reseller you are using but most only come with 1 IP address. Also in most cases you cannot order more than one for a reseller either. The only way to my knowledge to even start at what you want is to have a VPS or Dedicated. Hope this helps.

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    Im not sure but there may be someway to do what you want to do but that may only be on a dedicated machine, and maybe, MAYBE on a VPS. Im not sure but I think it would be more likely on a dedicated.

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    i think you need one big reasonable reseller package. because reseller package easiest managable than others. Compare thousands of web hosting plans and companies

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