Hi all,

Just wanted to say that we are one happy company having implemented Mailmon 10 days ago. It has already efficiently stopped 2 SPAM attacks (1 with over 10000 emails attempts that got limited to just 300 - which is the limit we have set). We didn't even have any downtime because of it (like before)... It has proven highly efficient in stopping the PHP Nobody spammers!

We are just wondering why it was so difficult to find. When we looked for solutions for stopping PHP nobody spammers, we couldn't find any that seemed to be working for what we needed... We didn't even learn of Mailmon until 1 day after we posted a question about stopping those spammers in here...

Are no one else using this? If not, what are you using then?

Anyway, if others are facing the same as we did, Mailmon is definitely worth looking at. It was located on http://www.webhosting-tools.com/view.cgi/MailMon (link does not work, but should hopefully be back soon)