Hello all,

I am extremely pleased to announce the introduction of our Momentum Line of VPS Hosting Solutions. Based in an Australian (Brisbane, QLD) datacenter, all Momentum packages are supported and enhanced by powerful server hardware, robust network infrastructure, and, of course, Net Logistics' renwoned customer service and support.

Virtualization is accomplished using SWsoft's industry-leading Virtuozzo 2.6.1. We are confident that our new Momentum line very successfully fills a substantial niche in the Australian hosting market, namely the very limited availability of high-quality, affordable, AU-based VPS solutions.

Following are complete pricing specs for each of our new Momentum packages. We are also pleased to provide at no cost, as part of our introductory offer, free domain name registration(s), as particularized below:

Momentum 1:
  • 3,000 MBs disk storage
  • 5 GBs premium bandwidth
  • 128 MBs guaranteed RAM
  • One Free Domain Name Registration (.com/.net/.org only)

    $34.95 AUD/month. Read more here.

Momentum 2:
  • 5,000 MBs disk storage
  • 15 GBs premium bandwidth
  • 256 MBs guaranteed RAM
  • Three Free Domain Name Registrations (.com/.net/.org only)

    $74.95 AUD/month. Read more here.

Momentum 3:
  • 10,000 MBs disk storage
  • 25 GBs premium bandwidth
  • 512 MBs guaranteed RAM
  • Five Free Domain Name Registrations (.com/.net/.org only)

    $124.95 AUD/month. Read more here.

Each of our Momentum packages come pre-installed with CentOS, a popular enterprise-class Linux distribution.

cPanel and/or Plesk are available upon request, for an additional monthly fee, as listed here.

If you have any questions regarding Momentum VPS, please feel free to contact me.