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    [AMAZING OFFERS!] 6 Template .psds + 2 Logos - MUST GO! $10 starting bid EACH!!!

    Web Hosting Template #1:

    Web Hosting Template #2:

    Web Hosting Template #3:

    Web Hosting Template #4:

    Web Design Site Template:

    Gaming Template:

    Logo #1:

    Logo #2:


    Starting bid on each item: $10
    Buyout price on each template: $25
    Buyout price on each logo: $15
    Buyout price for the WHOLE LOT: $65

    Logos come with free customizations for your business name.

    Send bids to mrcheeky[at] or post here.

    State which template and your bid or just state which template and post 'SOLD' to claim it for its buyout price.

    There will be plenty of time to bid but bid quick before it sells!

    What you get:
    - .psd file(s)
    - full rights

    Payment Method:

    note: these templates are uncoded, i would suggest buying a template and then going to and getting it sliced/coded for a mere $5!

    Special Offer
    Buy any hosting template and get 1 month FREE of any reseller package of mine which you can continue to keep and pay for afterwards if you choose to. Prices can be found here:

    If you choose to keep the reseller and pay for it, we will then register private nameservers for you.
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    Nice templates, best of luck with the sale

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    Btw, is that you Robson?

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    Very good templates
    Best of luck

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    Thank you!

    Gaming Template has been sold for BIN.

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