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  1. Xbox Evolved hiring!

    Xbox Evolved ( is a Xbox editorial site dedicated to keeping gamers up-to-date on Xbox and Xbox 360 reviews, previews, news, and more. We are expanding a bit more in the future and we are always looking to hire new people. Here is what we have available right now:

    Graphic Designer: Needs knowledge of Photoshop. Most of the major graphics on the site are done by me, but because I am using a slow connection right now, and am not always available to make top story graphics we need people to do just that. Person will be responsible for making visually appealing top story images using the four templates on the front page. The PSDs for the templates will be given to the graphic designer. The graphic designer must be able to make new images at least twice a week. The graphic designer will also get FTP and press sites to help them out.

    Media Coordinator: This person will be required to post up images and movies from press sites, FTP, and emails I forward them from public relations of companies. They will be required to post about the images and movies, resize the images if they are to big, etc. Must have knowledge of FTP, and a program such as Photoshop or Windows Picture It! to resize images. (Will also need to make sure the images are always at 72 dpi).

    Editorialist: Looking for a person who is extremely opinionated about the videogame industry but has the facts to back up their opinions and claims. Looking for people to write about a wide range of topics that effect the gaming industry, gamers, and that will make people think in general. Must show at least one example that is typed up in Microsoft Word (or program compatible with it) size 12 font, Times New Roman, one-three pages. Basic HTML knowledge is a plus.

    Reviews Writer: Need someone who plays games constantly, rather it be renting them, borrowing them, or just buying them. Has a good eye for detail, likes a lot of different genres, etc. People interested will need to write up a one-two page review typed up in Microsoft Word (or program compatible with it), size 12 font, Times New Roman. Basic HTML is a plus. If you want examples please just check out one of our reviews. Try and format your review like that when sending it.

    News Writer: Someone who is always in the know when it comes to the Xbox and Xbox 360. You frequent all kinds of game sites, business sites, and so on looking for the latest news on Xbox. Person will be required to write news stories citing their sources if pulled from another editorial site, or making it easier for the viewers to read if pulled from a press release. News writer will also receive press releases by email.

    What all staff are entitled to:
    -Passes to E3, CES, TGS, GDC
    -an Xbox Evolved email
    -Bonuses such as games from publishers to review (for free), and other things that will be discussed after hired

    What each person is required to have:
    -A good amount of their time to work on the site (4-5 hours a week)
    -An AOL Instant Messenger Account (for communicating with staff)

    If you are interested please e-mail me at [email protected] you can also IM me on AIM at Jayfatyboombaty. I look forward to anyone's help!

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    Hi, I feel I could do Graphic Designer and Media Coordinator very well. I might write a review once in a while, but I wouldn't like doing that constantly.

    Contact me:

    Total.assault [at] gmail dot com
    aim: ferrari62589

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