I am quite new with *nix but somehow able to configure and use APACHE-PHP-MYSQL on my unmanaged FreeBSD VPS. After being falied to correctly install SNMP/MRTG to monitor my B/w usage, I tried to find alternates. One such utility I got is Bmon. It displays following information with proper command line given.

Bytes: 1.47 GiB 1.10 GiB
Packets: 5310766 3586575
Errors 0 0
Dropped 0 0
Multicast 1357108 0
Collisions 0 0

The Bytes it shows somehow matches with the information that my provider told me regarding my current B/w usage (i.e 1.47 + 1.10 = 2.57 GB). Still there are certain questions in my mind. I hope someone here can help me. What exactly is it showing? I mean is this data ever resets itself automatically? Or if I reboot my VPS will it reset itself? I installed Bmon just a hour ago but its showing the total B/w usage ever since my VPS was created. How is this possible? At present I am having only one IP. But if I get another IP for my VPS, will it show total B/w usage for both IPs or for that IP only to which I am logging into SSH.