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    Can You Limit The Number Of Emails Sent By A User?

    I have a website that I maintain for my High School, and I'd like to start offering an email address to alumni of the School, but I worry about someone getting ahold of an address and spamming from it, and then the account getting dumped by the host.

    Is there a way to limit the number of emails that a person can send from their email address, and if so what control panel works best for what I'm trying to do?

    TIA, Jim

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    Hi EzHost,

    Your mail box on the server can hold up to 10 MB. This includes both your messages and any attachments. Once you download your email to your computer, these messages are no longer in your mail box on the mail server and are not counted toward the 10 MB limit.

    If you need additional disk space, you can order that from within SiteControl using the Usage Details module.

    For more info u plz check out this link.........

    Bright Info Solutions

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