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    {WANTED} Someone to code website and create database

    Guys, right off the bat I'm going to let you know that this is not a high paying job. I can offer $50 and between 1-2 months of free advertising.

    The job:

    Our new website,, needs a coder and someone to setup a database. Basically the website is going to be a place where people can win prizes for submitting a picture of their 'ride' or car. The coolest looking ride will be chosen every two weeks and they will win a prize. There will be 3-4 tiers set up, each tier offering a different prize, and it will cost $$ to enter a photo of your car. We have the design, but we need someone to code the website, set up the features, create a form that will allow people to fill out and sumbit their cars, etc.

    We plan on this site being a big hit, however we have no means to fund it off the bat, that is why we cannot pay alot for the coding. We know that many people will not be interested in this, however once the site has been launched for about 2 weeks, we expect to go big with advertising which may be beneficial for you because your site will be advertised on ours.

    If you would like to make us an offer (I.E. doing the whole thing for free in return for a years worth of advertising, etc) then let us know, were open to ideas.

    You can contact me at:

    [email protected]


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