Hi Folks,

We are looking into changing our video and trailer links from external to inline, partly so we can carry video advertising and partly as soon to carry news video.

I was having a look about today and a confusing variety of option.

Ideally I would like to be able to stream both QT and Windows media, not bothered about real. Would also need some sort of admanagement built into it. So can setup campaigns etc. Would prefer all in one package.

I would prefer I think to provide the server/s and bandwidth ourselves but again not fussed as long it can be setup inline on the site or in some sort of customised popup.

User wise probably 200-2000 concurrent, we get around 50,000 unique per day so I figure something in the region above will be watching at any one time.

Budget is $XXXX for now.

Any advice or recommendations?

Many thanks