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    Any "Smarty" guy, please help me deal with this smarty problem

    while ($r=mysql_fetch_array($sql)){
    <p>Please help</p>
    {section name=detail loop=$show}
    now the problem is when the $sql get empty result, so the $r becomes empty array, the page will no show anything then, even the paragraph of " Please help" also disappear. what is the best way to deal this kind of problem so that even the array is empty, the paragraph of "please help" also show up

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    is your problem. The assign function takes 2 arguments, not 1 (unless you give it an associative array, and 'index.html' is not).

    Did you mean to use display() instead of assign()?
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    in addition to what Phaeton said, you need to add a check, something like {if $show ne ''} <p>Please help</p> ... {/if}
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