I'm using VSFTP on my server, while uploading I get randomly disconnected after about 10 minutes everytime.

[code]SIZE 146.jpg
550 Could not get file size.
227 Entering Passive Mode (...)
Opening data connection to ... Port: 17019
STOR 146.jpg
150 Ok to send data.
8192 bytes transferred. (102 KB/s) (78 ms)
500 OOPS: child died
Server closed connection
Transfer failed.[/quote]

I'm using a firewall and have port 21 open, I don't have any of the large ranges open like I saw for ProFTP or some other one (for passive mode? not sure...)

I know this isn't much info, but I thought maybe someone would have a guess as to where to begin. I'm just uploading a few hundred images and like I said, 5-10 minutes later it just dies on me.

Also, after every file I upload my client is doing "SIZE (file)" and the server gives a 550 error, so I'm not even getting client updates of what has been uploaded until I stop the transfer and do a refresh. (by the way the umask is 022 in the conf)

Ideas? Suggestions?