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    Thumbs up Text Link Sale: Tons of Uniques - Highly Ranked - Bulk Discounts - Trusted Seller

    Hey all,

    My site:

    My stats:

    Alexa Rating: 49,624

    I am looking to open my site up for several sponsor text ads. I have done business with many advertisers and am very accommodating.

    Site Description: The site attracts a variety of different people (white-collar, college students, conservatives, liberals, etc). It is a site that has thousands of discussions/articles related to technology, science, news, etc.

    Package Prices/Options:

    Ask me about bulk and long-term pricing. If you have several text ads or you want to pay for an extended period in advance I will give you a discount.

    Let me know if you would like to do something different. We can always work something out.

    Contact me: Send me a pm or email [email protected].

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    Where on your page will the txt ads be placed?

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    In the Sponsors sections. There are 2 different spots.

    1. The "Frontpage Sponsors" spot is for the 5-dollar package. Your link will be on

    2. The "Sponsors" section is for links in the 10-dollar package. Your link would be on every page on the site -including the archive (which google crawls the most).

    Hope I was clear. Let me know if you have more questions.

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