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    need vbulletin license

    Hi, I would like to make a website about world of warcraft, but I would like to use vbulletin. I dont have the money for the license, but I really want one. Would anyone would be willing to trade some diskspace on my server or some bandwidth? Also if you would like to help me with my site, let me know. If you have a vbulletin license and would like to trade for something let me know.

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    I have a vBulletin license that I don't use. PM me if you interesting.

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    Hi VP21, Since I can't pm you. I just wonder is that leased/owned?
    and how much is it and when does it expired?


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    i need a vBulletin license. My client lost hers and I need to download a MOD on the vBulletin site. Need email and password.

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