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    Can't find my webhost from 4 yrs ago

    Can anyone help me, i had a webhost 4/5 years ago when i listed on ebay. He was small time and i had great communication with him. I don't think there were a lot of people doing that back them so if anyone knows who was one of the originals. When Ebay changed that you could not use your email address i had to change my name and then i forgot what it was and it was an AOL email that i dont have any longer. I know i use to pay him with PAY PAL , but i got locked of that account also. HELP

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    if you have any domains with him, just look at the whois information

    such as:

    which should be abel to tell from the nameservers as to which host it is
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    There are a zillion webhosts out there. You need to provide more info for someone to help you out here
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    I recommend you do what Rodney suggested.
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    maybe you could try to reach a psychic , as with that much info you have about as good a chance as finding a needle in a haystack.
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    try to recall his name and do a search at big brother google site
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    You could try and resignup for that AOL e-mail address, then regain access to PayPal and find it that way. It might work.
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    If you cannot remember your domain you'll be out of luck -- but if you can (and even if it's expired) you can still tell which host originally hosted it.

    Based on the nameservers alone might be a problem as it could have been a reseller -- but you'll find the host out nonetheless.

    Let us know which domain and we'll find out!
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    there wasnt very many on ebay at that time. I believe he was one of the pioneers, I just thought someone would have known who was one of the first.

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    Originally posted by rmfnllf
    there wasnt very many on ebay at that time. I believe he was one of the pioneers, I just thought someone would have known who was one of the first.

    Humm, Im not sure if this will help but it may be worth a try.
    Use the search button above (here in the forum) and then try searching for something like 'ebay hosting' and then look over those results. After the search results come up you can actually go to the oldest threads and those should go back to about 2002
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    Do you remember anything more about the host?

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    Ouija board and incense candles.

    Wonder how long ebay's history lasts...

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