We specialize in clan sites, giving you the SSH and MYSQL access you need without blocking query ports.

Through August, we will be offering free domain names on all plans to celebrate our opening.

Current plans:

Plan 1:
Disk space: 250 Megs
Bandwidth: 7 Gigs
Email, Mysql, FTP, Subdomains: 10
SSH: Yes
Price: 2.50

Plan 2:
Disk space: 500 Megs
Bandwidth: 15 Gigs
Email, Mysql, FTP, Subdomains: 20
SSH: Yes
Price: 5.00

Plan 1:
Disk space: 1 Gig
Bandwidth: 30 Gigs
Email, Mysql, FTP, Subdomains: no limit
SSH: Yes
Price: 10.00

Custom plans are available, please send your requests to: [email protected]

Website: http://intacthost.com/

To order: http://www.intacthost.com/modules.php?name=hostingorder

Thanks in advance, if you have any questions feel free to contact me.

[email protected]