To celebrate our first UK server, dudcore Consulting would like to point all you fine gentlemen to our exquisite 'Elite Hosting Plan'.

dudcore Consulting has a consise setup with empahsis on providing stable up-to-date hosting with a personal touch, but with a solid bunch of professionalism.

What separates from the other hundred thousands of UK webhosts out there?
By aiming to please few customers extremely well rather than many customers mediocre, you can be assured of a personal and honest correspondence.
Among our state-of-the-art software is PHP5, PostgreSQL 8.0, MySQL 4.1, Python 2.4, SQLite, outsourced anti-virus & spam blocking based on MailFoundry, and up to 5 redundant DNS servers!

The first priority is not to make millions of Euros, but simply to offer excellent hosting.
As of such, dudcore Consulting has no reason to oversell, or otherwise sqeeze the resources.

By paying a few more per month than the extreme low-budget hosts, you get a virtual certificate of unsurpassed quality and performance!

Plan details:
  • Hosted Domains(1 Exclusive IP): 25 pcs.
  • Monthly Transfer: 50GB/m.
  • Harddisk Space: 5GB.
  • Anonymous FTP: 1 pcs.
  • FTP User Accounts: 25 psc.
  • POP3 Accounts: 100 psc
  • Subdomains: 100 psc.
  • MySQL Databases: 10 pcs.
  • PostgreSQL Databases: 10 pcs.
  • Price: 20.

Please feel free to explore dudcore Consulting furher at our website.
To read about dudcore Consulting in general and its philosophy, please click here.

Thank you for your attention, I sincerely hope this offers sounds tantilizing enough to contact me!

To quote from;
Tired of slow webhosts running ancient software with unflexible and bloated control panels?
We do not oversell. Not bandwidth, not space, not resources.
To assure smooth and steadfast operation we only allow a very small amount(less than 40) hostees per server.
The extra few euros compared to your average hosting supplier, buys you this guarantee of supreme quality!
Real Customer Testimonials:
Quote Originally Posted by Tom McKenzie, Australia
You really are the best host I've ever had the pleasure of buying into or
heard of, and I've had a couple.