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    NEW webhosting site for sale! is for sale, a totally new webhosting site.

    The site is all setup and ready to go it includes:

    Unique Website Design (made by me)
    Order System (modded heavily by me)
    Hosting account ( 25gig space 45 gig bandwidth $8.95 a month)

    The order system im using is phpcoin Its all setup to work, many lines of code have been adjusted to get it just right and easy to use for everyone. Its linked up to the hosting account, all you have to do is Advertise then create the accounts.

    I will give the buyer code so they can add adverts onto everysite! so you could make a huge amount of money selling adspace on everysite or putting google ads on them, For this to work the site would have to be a free hosting site.

    I am taking offers on this site, just post or pm a REASONABLE offer and ill get back to you asap!

    Any questions i will be happy to answer!

    - Dan

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    bump need a sale!

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    $45 and you can take it right now!!! This includes a hosting acount as well!!

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