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    Question justadollarhostin has just informed me that is censored

    What exactly does being censored on WHT mean?
    and why is censored.

    Why did justadollarhostin accuse me of spamming when i have hand typed my 52 posts as a member since 2003.

    a bit of the converation before someonce magically deleted our post conversation.

    justadollarhostin said "While I have no doubt in my mind that you are a human being, and I never event hinted at you being a number, it seems like you are making this post simply to try and show your website to people for whatever reason." and i say very perceptive because my novel little post was in an advertising section for your own personal websites.

    I have had previous shirty messages from higher ranking members, to return over the weekend and they were ammended to more polite messages.

    Just a little concerned about the friendliness of some of the people who are here.

    Respect love and peace to the world.
    Because life really is to short.

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    I explained this to you in the other thread.

    When I saw the title of the post it had: **.** which makes it seem like your domain name is censored on

    Domains are usually censored when the people that own them do bad things, such as spamming.

    The post you had made was about your alexa rank and appeared to just be an attempt to get people to visit your website.

    You should have taken the part where I said:

    Spam can come in many forms, and one of those forms is starting a thread that looks like it has no purpose but to get people to look at your website.

    Just because I have a bigger post count doesn't make me any better or more powerful than you, and I am definatley not a mod so I have no say in if this is really spam or not. I was just pointing out my thoughts reading your thread.
    Now how does that make me seem like a higher ranking member?

    If you ever have a problem with any of my posts please just click the "Report this post to a Community Liaison" link and they will hand out my warning points if I deserve them.
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    I concede a cheeky post, i spend most of my time coding, so am not to offay with the rules or even definition.

    Does this mean i can remain a happy member of WHT :-)

    Thanks for reply and clarity.

    Respect love and peace to the world.

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