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    Reseller with Namecheap

    Does anyone know how to sign up as a reseller with namecheap? Do I do it when I sign up as a member or when I register a domain name? Thank you

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    It would probably be a better idea to stick with Enom as a reseller.
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    Whats the website?

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    Nevermind tht last post, LOL. Um, how exactly does this work? I was advised to go reseller ( I'm making a business site and a band site). I'm just clueless with this reseller thing. How many domain names do I get to register? how exactly does it work? And oh yeah, do I still ge whois protection and all?

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    What your asking has been asked 1000's of times and WHT even has a tutorial (FAQ) section HERE

    If your brand new to all this (and it sounds like you are), I suggest you hang around all the different forums availible here at WHT for a few weeks (at least) reading everything you can.

    Also, many WHT members can provide you with a free (or small fee) "$8.95 eNom Reseller" account. You will need to add $100 to an eNom reseller account in order to use it (or send a check in for any amount).

    FWIW: Namecheap is a eNom affiliate. Namecheap has good reviews here at WHT and I still use them myself for a few names (even though I have a reseller account at eNom).

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    Are you asking about namecheap hosting or domain resellers?
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    I was advised to go reseller ( I'm making a business site and a band site).
    By the sounds of it I believe the OP might be getting Domain reselling confused with website reselling.

    Shackdude if you are only hosting for a business site and a band site and are not intending on selling domain names I would be under the presumption whoever had stated to go reseller meant "webhosting" reseller. In such a case you may want to wander over to the shared and reseller hosting offers forum and take a look at some packages there.

    If your business is webhosting and you do intend on selling domains then yes eNom would probably be the way to go (is what many hosts use, I myself do not and I'm not per say giving a concrete recommendation either).

    Wish you the best in your (re)search.

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    Thank you jschurawlow, I am not trying to sell domains. Therefore, I guess Namecheap would be my best bet?

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