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Thread: GoDaddy and DNS

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    GoDaddy and DNS

    I just registered a domain with GoDaddy, but it's a bit different from register, which I've been using for some time. I'm a little confused and I need some help here.

    Q1. How do you set IP address in GoDaddy?

    Q2. How do you set subdomain in GoDaddy?

    Q2.2. Do you set DNS for subdomain in GoDaddy or you are supposed to set this on your server?

    By the way, I am only using GoDaddy to register domain. The domain is hosted on my own server.

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    Just point the nameservers to your own server then add the subdomains in your server, should work just fine.
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    Originally posted by Hoobastank68
    Just point the nameservers to your own server ...
    How do you do this? (Sorry, I'm pretty inexperienced ...)

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