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    Exclamation I'm considering opening a webhosting company

    Hello everyone, i've been looking around at the prices of current hosting companies, and I, myself am thinking of hosting one. I have tried to make the prices as low as possible. The different plans and prices should be able to suit hosting a simple mp3 site to a large media site. Note that for every single order, the customer will not be sharing their bandwidth. ie. If a customer joins our "Webhosting Basic" plan, then he will not be sharing the 20mbit with anyone else. Also, you can upgrade separate things to customize each plan. I understand that some people want a lot of bandwidth, but low disk space, and others, vice versa. Feel free to give any comments on our prices.

    Webhosting Lite:
    $10 // 10 gigs // 10mbit // 200gb of transfer

    Webhosting Basic:
    $15 // 20 gigs // 20mbit // 500gb of transfer

    Webhosting Advanced:
    $30 // 40 gigs // 50mbit // 1tb of transfer

    Webhosting Professional
    $70 // 100 gigs // 100mbit // 2tb of transfer

    Webhosting Plantinum:
    $100 // 200 gigs // 100mbit // 5tb of transfer

    Webhosting Dream:
    $200 // 500 gigs // 100mbit // unlimited transfer.

    I want to know how many people would go for these deals, and which one they would go for. I would also like some opinion or some comments on this.

    Thanks guys
    yami ^^;;

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    Webhosting Advanced:
    $30 // 40 gigs // 50mbit // 1tb of transfer
    Is that $30 yearly ?

    How do you plan to offer these prices to your customers?

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    This is going to be a fun thread.

    I'm curious, how much bandwidth does your server have?

    - Tomer
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    Originally posted by Tomer
    I'm curious, how much bandwidth does your server have?
    Yea, me too

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    Moved to other reviews.

    Edit: I would happily pay $10 a month for 500MB/10GB with an established host
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