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    [FOR SALE] Hosting Template!

    Hi everyone,

    I have a hosting template for sale that I made. Please take a look (it is watermarked):

    Click For Preview

    What you receive:

    - template in a fully sliced .psd file (without the watermark)
    - fonts that I used
    - all rights
    - a unique design

    *This template will only be sold once.

    Price: $30 USD or if you state a reasonable price, we can negociate.

    Payments via paypal only.

    If you're interested or if you have a question, please PM me or email me at[at] Thanks.

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    not a bad design, good luck with the sale

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    Thanks orgul. I'm thinking of lowering the price to $20 for this template. Anyone interested?

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    Lowering to $10!

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    Lowered the price again because I really urgently need a few bucks in my paypal account. You can buy it now for only $4! Anybody?

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