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    Hyperlink Database Results


    This is a sort of continuation of my last post about .net and access.

    Basically Im trying to create a directory type script that takes all its data from an Access DB file.

    Ive got all the data in the DB file and I can call the various info I want without an problems. What I now want to do is to make the results from the query into a hyperlink...

    Example.... My db is about places... so Ive got the following fields
    1. Country
    2. Capital
    3. Landmark

    ... What I want is when someone browses to the list of Countries, for all the Countries to be hyperlinks that then link to a page that states the capital of that country.

    Please can someone explain how I would go about this or please point me in the right direction. Thank you
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    Write a script querying the database and accepting parameters though the HTTP GET method (parameters submitted in the browser's title bar).

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