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    HUGE website! MUST SEE, any offer!!

    I'm selling my site, not due to lack of productivity from the site but simply due lack of my time willing to contribute to it now. PLEASE PM ME WITH OFFERS OR POST BELOW!

    I REALLY do not want to close this website as it has a lot of history and LOTS of potential to be great and closing it down would be a great shame.


    - All original content written all by me. Hundreds pages of content
    - Very very unique design. Images unique.
    - HUGE pet (Neopets like) system

    - All gallery images done by us. 2000 +
    * Uniquely coded gallery
    * Vbulletin + 4images combined coding

    - Fan Fiction Archive
    * Uniquely coded system
    * Contains chapters etc.

    - REAL Online RPG game
    * Itemshop
    * HUGE battle system
    * Bank
    * Triad Cards
    * Spells

    - Vbulletin software.
    - Original codes and hacks
    - PHP and MYSQL run
    - Already has members, growing at a huge constant rate.

    Everything, rights, design, name, domain, content will be given to you. Plus all lisences. Worth A LOT. Lots of potential to grow into one of the most prodominant RPG systems and anime sites out there.

    There is also a MASCOT (value $60) with it in PSD form

    To see for yourself, simply sign up.

    Please PM offers or post below. Payment will be with Paypal.
    Thank you and please help me out.


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    Traffic stats? How much disk space & bandwidth it occupies? How much does it cost to maintain? Price-range?

    Rob G.
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    Very nice site. ^^ same questions as lsc. Love the design

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    Very nice website I dont even know what to offer. What is your BIN?

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    Do you at least have a general range? xxx, xxxx, etc...
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    Some answers to your questions:
    Unfortunately, traffic isn't all it should be. I don't have the money or capabilities to give it the advertising boost it needs. All the pieces are there, it just needs some investment and I'm positive it will grow. This is a completely unique site and one of the few that offers what it does on the web

    Right now, about 100 users sign on a day, visitors unsure of but there should be a few with them too.

    Disk usage 287.64 Megabytes
    SQL Disk usage 59.18 Megabytes
    Disk space available 712.36 Megabytes
    Bandwidth usage (current month) 0.00 Megabytes

    Bandwidth almost unknown (I know, cpanel is broken) but I'm 100% sure it's not 0. Heh. Most likely between 20GB to 40GB MAX and even that would be stretching it.

    Right now cost is up to you. I'm only spending hosting costs on it as I don't have resources to do otherwise. the vBulletin liscence is owned but needs to be renewed. There is also the RPG liscence which expires soon and may be renewed if wanted. The rest should be advertising costs as I'm sure with a little advertising, the site will prosper greatly.

    I don't especially have a price range. I've gotten offers in the hundreds to in the thousands. I really hope you consider the amount of work I've put in. I would at least like in the upper hundreds into the thousands.

    Thank you for considering

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    what kind of revenue do you have?
    I reserve the right to be wrong at all times

    phpbb forums without hosting fees

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    There is an ad system set up, not used. Donations also set up, not implemented yet.

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