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    Any good hosts with initial Lockdown of VPS available?

    First, I should probably say I'm looking to use WHM/CPanel.

    I've been looking at several VPS suppliers and LiquidWeb is the only one where I've noticed they have an initial lockdown service you can get with the server.

    What's the security situation with the good VPS providers. Do they provide things like APF, BFD, rootkit hunters, etc?

    I've looked at others like ServInt and PowerVPS, but I didn't notice an initial lockdown service ( doesn't mean it wasn't there, just that I missed it).

    Can some people comment on the security situation with VPS. I'd also welcome comments from the representatives of the companies mentioned.

    I've heard that some VPS don't allow you to run APF because of the resource configuration in Virtuozzo, but some do allow APF.

    Comments, Anyone.

    -- David

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    Any VPS provider that has the newest Virtuozzo software will allow you to use APF. If it doesnt work then they are using an older version of Virtuozzo. I believe the version you need for APF to work is 2.6

    PowerVPS has initial security settings. As you can see from the list. Most importantly is securing /tmp

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