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    Few question your client may ask as below, rather than you are going to ask question from them. However after a customer sign up, you can ask question as it would be required probably depends upon the design work which is difficult to guess from right now.

    1. How much is this going to cost?

    2. What is your experience and capabilities of designing a site?

    3. Who will own the copyrights to the finished product?

    4. Do you work personally or going to outsource the design work?

    5. Can you offer a variety of technologies and help to choose the right combination?

    6. What future support you are going to provide?

    7. Do you’ve references, can we contact them?

    8. What guarantees do you offer to our website?
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    Here's what I like to find out before quoting or starting a site for someone:

    1. How big will the site be? (Approx. how many pages)

    2. What links do they want on the menu?

    3. What do they want the site to portray? (Classy, sophisticated, sporty, etc)

    4. Do they have the information available in electronic form?

    5. Do they have a domain name or web hosting?

    6. Would they like me to set up their email accounts?

    7. When do they want the site completed?

    8. Will photos or other images be supplied?

    Those are a few I like to know when I talk to my clients. Hope it helps.
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