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    *[Offering] My Services - Full Design, LOGO INCLUDED! $74 *


    Right now I'm looking for a few quick jobs to do and I'm only asking for $74 US for each package I do ( $100 AUS ).

    If you would like a custom job done you can email me : oliverwales[at] Or you can PM if you want to keep your identity anonymous.

    So... If your looking for a Dark themed, Light themed, or just a simple site I'm your designer. I am quite flexible on the price... As long as it's between (US) $50 and $74. With the design that I do for you, I'll include a custom made logo for no extra cost.

    Examples of my work :

    Example of my Logo work :

    I'll be really glad to hear from you if you do want a custom job from me.

    Thank you so so much,

    Oliver Wales.

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    You can see a full portfolio there.

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    I've sent you an email, still waiting on a reply.

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    smooth simple designs
    big props mate

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    Did you get my e-mail? thanks

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