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    Seeking company/people to produce a Counter-Strike: Source clan website

    Hello. I am seeking for company/people to produce a website for my Counter-Strike: Source clan. I do not need flash or mp3 to be played. To be honest, I am not rich so I cannot pay like $300 for everything. If you can think you can do the job, then please post here a link to your portfolio or past work.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Thanks, admin. I did not know. First-timer.

  4. #4 is my latest clan site...

    Do you have an instant messenger we can talk on?

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    Check you e-mails...

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    email: info[at]
    msn: caio1717[at]

    *I don't check the MSN email

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  8. I started on a Counter-Strike template for another client of mine, then lost contact with him. It's a beautiful template, but is only about 50% completed. If your interested take a ok at some of my other work at: and feel free to get in touch with me, i'll send over a screenshot of the PSD (and i'm willing to part with the template for fairly cheap). Good luck with your site, maybe i'll catch you on CS sometime

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