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    program like Olate Download but with a member system?

    I found Olate ( ) and it's exactly what i wanted BUT I need a member system included as currently it seems that if I use Olate anybody can download anything.

    I want only members to be able to download. Plus i want members to have group access where certian members can download certian things. Other members can download other things and members can be part of many groups.

    Also having the ability for public and private registration would be nice. Public would be just a registration link on the page and private would be something along the lines of a current member inviting another person to join through an invitation. The invitation would point them to a special link to register that would become invalid after that registration.

    Is there any program out there like this?

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    If you are using Invision Board, then you can integrate OD into that and use restrictions for downloads, but it doesn't do everything you want at the moment.

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    Thanks for the reply.

    I don't use any kind of message board as there isn't much need for comments. The site would be strictly a download site but i wanted to restrict it to members only.

    Taking it one step further i wanted private registration so only people that are invited can sign up and download. This way there is some control as to who is downloading and i don't have to worry about some random finding the site on goolge and downloading as there wouldn't be a link for them to register.

    Are there any future plans to add in a feature rich members system? This really is the perfect piece of software for me, sadly the lack of a members system doesn't make it useful for me.

    Thanks for all the work so far on the program tho. It really is quite nice.

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