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    Looking for windows hosting

    I have an ebay style site build on and msde (currently in development). I am wondering if there is a good windows hosting provider that can offer a reasonably priced solution or would i be better off building my own system and a t1 line. I plan to be using iis 6 on windows 2003 and ms sql server.

    can someone recomend a good course of action? and a good way to estimate needed bandwidth?

    I am a ccna, mcp, mcdst and working on mcsa. I do not think i would have problems setting up a network and manageing it, but scaling it I am not sure about yet. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Doing this on your own with a T-1 line is really not feasable , when you can obtain a windows box from $99 and that would usually come with usually at least 2 T-1's worth of bandwidth. As far as the estimate of the traffic , this would be very difficult to predict as it is seriously tied to your websites populartity.

    Hope this helps
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