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    Coupon SubForum?

    I was just thinking, since I just posted a $1.00 off Coupon code for Godaddy in the lounge..

    There are many people here who on a daily basis make purchases across the board for various items leading from domains, to products.

    Now there are equally the same amount of people who stumble across coupon codes that companies send them, that they don't use or don't need at the time.

    Basically it would be a subforum containing posts like this

    The title would be required to have the Company that the discounts at, the amount of the coupon and the expiration if any..

    I think a good subforum would be somethign specifically taylored for coupon codes, to help all WHT members save money for each other.. Some are small some are big but every little bit helps everyone..
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    I think it could run the risk of turning into a free-for-all advertising lounge where people will advertise offers and coupons just to advertise their business.
    A nice idea though.
    I'm also not convinced that it would be legally safe for iNet to allow this; some companies specify a means of distributing coupons.
    Distributing via a forum may infringe these rules.

    If it could contain some kind of checking feature though it could be interesting..

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    I think it'd be cool if there were a subforum for 3rd party offers in the other offers and requests section.

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