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    PayPal IPN - WTF?!

    Hey guys,

    Alright, like a year and a half ago, I wrote a PayPal IPN script, and remember having a BIT of problems, but was able to figure it out and had it working...Now, about 2 weeks ago I attempted to make another PayPal IPN system, yet no success. Every single time I would use a test IPN like eliteweaver, my script wouldn't reply!!

    Soon I'm going to be attempting to write another IPN system, I'm hoping it goes over smoothly.

    I'm just posting this to try to get some sort of feedback about PayPal's IPN..

    -Have you had any trouble setting an IPN system up? PHP, Perl, ASP, whatever it be.

    -Do you have a working script?

    Lets get some feedback going, I'd love to find some useful help for when I go at doing it again.

    Thanks guys

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    As with any scripts, most of the faults lie with the script code. Make sure it's correct and it will work. We never had any real problems with Paypal IPN.
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    Hey there,

    I can give you a premade system if you like. I found it on sourceforge a few weeks back. I haven't tested it yet, but I hope to test it with the PayPal Developr Center (Sandbox).

    Let me know if you want it.


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    Thanks for the help, but we've actually decided to go with the PayPal Payment PRO, merchant I'll be using the API instead.


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