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    Thumbs up high-end message board software recommendations

    Hello, a friend of mine has been put in charge of implementing a world class message board for use for various recurring topics of conversation. This needs to run 24/7, so reliability, ease of use, standard usage and feel by other users is vital and critical.

    The community would have ~40,000+ users and of these 50-2000 might be logged on at any one time. It would have high repeat visit usage if implemented correctly, so the ability to track replies to your postings are also critical. The same goes for searchability.

    I've been told that three vendors are under consideration:

    If you are familiar with each, could you please rate them in terms of reliability, ease of maintenance, max user issues you are aware of, server load problems, understanding of coolness rating (i.e. what sites that cater to a younger crowd are using), ease changing and moderation, etc.

    This will also be a private community with very sensitive data, the history of flaws in security of any of these vendors to hackers trolling for e-mail addresses and things like that are also appreciated. Any other valid reasons you would use one over the other are welcomed.

    Thank you so much for your time and assistance, I greatly appreciate it.

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    Invision is by far the best, so many plugins and stuff for it. I have my own IPB and i just love it

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    vB is the king of the boards right now. Their developers are VERY fast reacting to customer needs. We got them to rewrite their Eve (UBB) converter to handle the latest release. They had it in a week!

    FWIW, the largest message board on the entire World Wide Web is powered by phpBB. I wouldn't go that route though.
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    It might be a coin flip between Vbulletin and Invision. Have used both and like them for what they are.


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    Prospero??? forget that

    I like SMF, it has worked flawlessly for me on many sites.

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    Just because a script isn't free, doesn't make it "high end". We're talking a few hundred bucks for the options listed. I would say a "high end" message board would be something like Interwoven TeamSite, at over $15,000.00. Microsoft also has a CMS which does the forum thing, not sure on the price but it's probably five digits as well.
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    thanks for the responses so far, I appreciate them, please keep em coming!

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    I know that VB is used on many large sites that have large message boards, but i have also heard nightmares about it and it's use of server resources.

    Personally I like phpBB but wouldn't suggest that until the next major release of phpbb3, and who know when that will be.
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    Originally posted by Shin
    I know that VB is used on many large sites that have large message boards, but i have also heard nightmares about it and it's use of server resources.
    Yes, but it's unfair to single out vB for a problem endemic to PHP-MySQL-built forums. The problem is, a PHP script has no persistence. When called, it opens a DB connection, queries the DB and generates the page. Upon completion, that instance is destroyed.

    So each time a thread is viewed, a fresh PHP script instance opens a brand-new, temporary DB connection. Therein lies a lot of overhead. A partial solution to this issue is to write files to disk. I can't speak for forum software, but WordPress (as a PHP-MySQL solution) shares the same problem, unless you're using WP-Cache 2:

    I don't know about SMF because I haven't looked at it very closely yet, but I'm guessing that vanilla implementations of all the forum software mentioned in this thread share this unnecessary resource utilization weakness. Hopefully, there are mods or plugins or what-have-you available for each.
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    Out of the three, IPB is the least resource-intensive, and the easiest to customize. I prefer IPB, but you really couldn't go wrong with vB either.
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