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    oscommerce shopsite and zencart preference?

    I want to set up a simple online store with less than 100 items. I've been looking at shopsite, oscommerce and zencart. Shopsite has built-in quickbooks integration (a big plus), and I found an add-in for oscommerce that does quickbooks; none for zencart. I don't know coding, but I'm not intimidated to learn. I would prefer a turnkey, menu-driven, wysiwyg type approach, however. I'm in a hurry. Any recommendations?

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    OSC has a good advantage- you can download much useful stuff for it, templates, etc. But still in my opinion Zen Cart is better as it's based on OSC but a bit more 'modern'. You should also look at Cube cart.

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    And how about the CRE Loaded? It has been osCommerce based as well.

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