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    This site has a HUGE potential of making money!

    It is using a custom e-gold game that i have programmed myself.

    So far not much profit since i haven't promoted at all.

    You must have an e-gold account in order to receive the money from the game. (Free to open)

    People love this game and it's a very very unique site sinice it is using a custom made script
    The game has a fully functional admin panel that controls everything in the game.

    Whoever wants full rights to the script it self will have to add 150$..

    Starting Bid: 30$
    Increments: 5$
    BIN: 100$


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    I am not too sure of the laws around games of this type.. it seems a little like gambling -- can you tell me if this is legal in the US -- or do you operate out of another country?

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    Right now i'm operating from another country.

    As far as i know there are thousands of e-gold games out there and according to they are allowed.

    Truthfully, i don't know whether they are allowed in the US or not...

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    thanks for the info shredder. I'm concerned because while it's a great concept and sounds really interesting -- I think in the US it seems awfully borderline to some sort of gambling seeing as you are paying money to try and win more money -- what makes it any different from a slot machine, or poker in the casino. Ya know?

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    how much traffic does it have?
    images hosting - up to 5mb per image!
    files hosting - up to 100mb per file!

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    I will kick it off: $30.00
    Why always the fighting?
    - Dr Zoidberg, Futurama

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    When does the auction end?
    Why always the fighting?
    - Dr Zoidberg, Futurama

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    The current highest bid right now it 45$.

    The auction ends on Friday

    Thank you!

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