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    Keep getting mail with my address but someone elese name?

    Anyone ever have this happen? Got a 2 one today i keep thinking uh oh did someone steal my identity.

    Can anyone suggest a good way to check and find out? I've got stuff for credit reports checks from my bank but that is by mail is there anyone i can trust online?

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    Well that's pretty weird. I'm not exactly sure where you should go to look into it. You should probably first call up your Post office and see what they say, they should give you some advice on how to resolve the problem.

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    Is it bulk mail or first class. If it's first class, maybe you can contact the sender to find out why they think that person is there.
    At my previous address I received mail every now and then to the previous tenant. The apartment manager said he died.

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    It't junk mail one was from costco and another from american express for a credit card applaction same junk i get and no they have never lived at this address.

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