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Thread: worth it?

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    worth it?

    im making a site about my favourite TV programme and i want to make a site with a daily updated review of an episode plus maybee a poll or two on it plus the ability for friends to comment, I was wondering since i dont want to mess around downloading CMSes or updating it manually day by day. Should i bother making my own CMS? i have the time and skills but i want to know is it worth it?

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    Only you can answer that question, since it all depends on is it worth it to you? If I were you (and I am -- most definately -- not) I would simply install a blogging tool (such as Wordpress) and go at it.

    The question is, are you creating the site so you can develop a CMS for it, or the other way around?
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    i have been thinking about wordpress use but it means unravelling complicated code to customise it.

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    what no its not worth coding myself or no about wordpress? also i see your an evanaglist sos my aunt funnily enough but im an atheist.

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    Code it yourself you get the experience and pleasure plus it will be how you want it. not how the develop of some cms wanted it!

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    i suppose thanks for the advice, owell i better spend 6 months in hiding now then, cause i certainly wont get this done any time soon.

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    Whats your favourite tv program? That your site is about?

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    little britain its a comedy

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