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    how to understant is it VPS or Dedicated

    How can I understant is any server dedicated or vps?

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    Take a look at vaserv's post.

    OK I'm sure I posted this before but this is a way to tell

    ls -l /proc/xen - Will show if you are on xen
    grep -i user /proc/cpuinfo - Will show if you are on usermode linux
    ls -l /proc/user_beancounters or /dev/vzfs will show if you are on Virtuozzo
    lspci | grep -i vmware - Will show if you are on VMWare
    df | grep vn on FreeBSD should show if you are in a jail. However things like ping won't work which is more of a give away

    I've yet to see a VPS solution that is 100% transparent


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    i know now..thx man

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