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    Hosting network -- 11 domains

    Hello all, due to personal and business problems i had to stop with my free hosting network. I have decided to put it up for sale, because i think it should get back online. Most of the sites are down since the 1st of july, when i lost my servers. The network itself was ran off 3 dedicated servers, it had the following sites:

    - (still active)
    This was the main site, it has a listing of all services i offered and holds the member area The forums were also on this domain
    included comes the design of the page and the member area, although the member area is buggy in parts.
    - (not active) This was the free host, it had about 7000 sites hosted of it, 2000 cpanel accounts and 5000 Xpanel accounts. It used a ad system by php auto append and prepend (requires root access) (not active)
    This was the forum host, it holded the multiforums scripts by sebflipper for phpbb and ipb with for phpbb the cash mod and arcade mod installed
    This site hosted phpnuke installations by a custom script created by me, this script is not included in the sale
    This site was a blog host, ran by Bloghoster 1.4. This script is included in the sale
    This was a free image host, ran by a unique custom script by me, this allowed hotlinking for imaging only, name changes, and set file type and size limits
    - Acounter4Free
    This was a free counter host, ran by countercode's script, this script is also included in the sale

    Furthermore included is:

    Also, the whole design, userbase (6500 registered forum members, 5000 xpanel members) xpanel license, codecounter license, bloghoster license, multiforum license are all included in the sale. I will offer you help with setting everything up. This network gave me about $900 income from autoplaced ads. I never really worked on it, but i think the potential when run for a longer period of time is higher.

    Due to a billing issue wich was unresolved i lost all data in may 2005, this caused my income to drop to 0 and as student, i could not afford it anymore to restart. I did restart it in the beginning of june with the new design and integrated memberbase, but the financial situation of myself was too low.

    i will not take bids loweer then $2000 into consideration, for enquirys you can contact me on msn:
    martijn17deleij (at) hotmail (dot) com
    mdeleij (at) gmail (dot) com

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    Just to are selling 11 domains for 2k? Is there any website content all included?

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    If I understand it well, the free hosting network is at point 0? Meaning that all the members, users and sites hosted are something from the past?
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    no, the content and websites are still present, same is the userbase, (11k emails) although about 2000 user sites (1 server) are lost there still are about 5000 user sites online (xpanel)

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