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    [FOR SALE] Multiformat Gaming Layout

    Banner, affiliate button and forum ad can be configured to suite your needs.

    Main Page:
    Game Page:

    • 2 Complete, Clean, PSD's - One for the Main page and another for the Game Page.
    • Customisation of Banner, Affiliate Button and Forum Ad.
    • All fonts used.
    • Unique layout, will only be sold once.

    Starting bid at $55. Contact me via MSN, Email or PM or post offers.

    Email: [email protected]
    MSN: [email protected]


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    Very nice, I've seen it on clantemplates

    Good luck with the sales

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    Yup - i posted an unfinished preview while back on CT. Thanks

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    Super slick template, Should be no problem in the sales.

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    Starting bid now $35 and on sale at

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