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    how to execute shell script and then display resulting webpage from initial webpage?

    /usr/sbin/eximstats -html -charts -pattern "Number of Virus killed:" /virus/ /var/log/exim_mainlog >/home/someuser/public_html/somedir/mailstats.html

    For mailstats:
    Hi I'd like the above to be executed via a webpage and then for the mailstats.html webpage to be shown....

    I tried shell_exec in php but it fails if I try to direct output to file and will only display the text version of the report without charts

    can this done via cgi or perl webpage?


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    If you're getting the HTML fine, the problem is the urls in it for the images is probably wrong. Can you modify the report or put the images in the correct place to be diplayed?

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    hmm wierd I think I have it working... not sure what changed


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