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    Looking for someone to check my e-mail

    I am the owner of a small web hosting company.
    I am going on holiday for 14 days. Therefore I am looking for someone to answer to support ticket, maintaining the server and investigation possible fraud use of the server (like customers how is sending out spam mail, etc) while I am away.

    It is not a huge job. I am only receiving approx. 2-5 support tickets per week.

    The most important part of the job is the fraud part. I have a dedicated server at thePlanet and they require in case of fraud use that someone answer to a support ticket within 24 hours or they will suspend the server.
    Therefore it is very important that the e-mail is checked minimum every 24 hours.

    Please PM me if you are interested.

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    PM me for further details

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    Position filled. Thank you for all your PM's.

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